Concierto de Poesía Electrónica. Paraninf de la UJI. 2011 (DVD)

Cubierta del DVD Concerto de Poesia Electrónica. Paraninf UJI, 2011
Concert of Electronic Poetry (DVD).
Universitat Jaume I’s Auditorim. 22 November 2011.
Sonic deconstructions by JJ Doc from samplers, sequencers, laptops and organic sounds as support for the vocal performance by Mc Vulcano from poems and texts by V.A. Estella, Bukowsky, D. Thomas, Brecht, Gil de Biedma, T. Clement or J.L. Furio. Visual art by Epi Neuraska.
CCF ©2011.


  1. Layers & Pandemica.
  2. Loa a la Dialéctica.
  3. (Improvisation).
  4. Oh Calcuta.
  5. Els Anants.

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