About Col·lectiu Camí Fondo
(Español) Logo gris sobre negro de CCF con el acrónimo desarrollado.

CCF (Col.lectiu Camí Fondo) is an electronic visual poetry created from deconstructions sound samplers, sequencers, laptops and organic sounds by JJ Doc, as vocal support that makes Vulcan Mc poems and texts VA Estellés Bukowsky, D. Thomas Brecht Biedma Gil T. Clement J. Furio or others. Appropriate and created visuals by Epi Neuraska, shaping the aesthetics result live audio-visual.

Intructions for Col·lectiu Camí Fondo by Laucat.

When is listen by first time to the Col·lectiu Cami Fondo our senses are to the expected, not is panic as, if after a session of relaxing lashes sensory is feel disoriented or even with greater location that to the start of the session. Remember that the objective lies in the intentionality of his person, and that Col.lectiu Cami Fondo not is no remedy miraculous but the medium by which you will get-if is it proposes-plunge is in an atmosphere created only and exclusively for his own pleasure.

As we have noticed, Col·lectiu Camí Fondo is largely about the Viewer, form what, his sound compositions, the sincere story and Visual fields that comprise it, acquire different perspectives as the public that is. So because, the figure of the viewer in C.C.F is secluded of the scene artistic to pass to form part of the atmosphere as actor and executing of them own sensations there perceived.

In this way, the sinuous, deep and compelling images of our stage pass to have a special meaning with each performance; the raging, wild but delicate sound distortions feel to every ignition with a different energy and deep, majestic and solemn voice frequency gets prays that perceive the same grandeur, prays the most extreme simplicity.

It is important to say, that the way to absorb a performance of C.C.F should always take from a distance that will make possible the cover of its three languages, because the sublimity of this collective is located right in the middle. A good understanding of his work is due to good communication of these three artistic languages that are both far from each other, but that this art project, based on feeling and vocation, has managed to find the vessels between these different artistic fields and create a whole which call themselves as Visual Electronic Poetry, that does not mean more than simple union of the sensitive in what we call merely techne , or what it is to make writing a poem, the sound of a song and image a memory, and all at the same time and properly called Visual Electronic Poetry.

Of this way and warned of the effects side, have is of the mode suitable for enjoy of the best form possible of a great project that is Col·lectiu Cami Fondo. And don’t forget that each different performance that attend is possible, forget about where it was before or even, is located more than ever.

Laucat, 2014.

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